My First Post–Our Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Well hello there! So thrilled you have joined me. Starting this blog is a new adventure for me. I fell in love with farmhousy, country, cottage style decor about ten years ago, and decorating has become my passion. My style has evolved over the years, and just in the past couple years I feel as though I have come to define what I truly love. Finding your style is a process, and it really does take time.

At this point I would call my style Modern Farmhouse, as I do like a little bit of new mixed in with the old. There is something about the combination of the two that is just refreshing.  And lots of white trim and millwork is key. It’s the perfect foundation on which to build a perfectly imperfect modern farmhouse room.  I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts along this journey, but right now I would like to just jump right in and share our latest room makeover–our master bedroom.

After several years of putting off our bedroom for other projects, we decided it was time to make it a priority and turn it into a space we both love. I am going to start by saying (and I will say it again and again I’m sure) that I am blessed with a very handy husband. He seriously can do anything when it comes to home renovation, and if he hasn’t done it before, he figures it out! I admire his skills so much and my ideas would never come to life without him. You could say we make a great team. Here is our finished bedroom–a combination of my styling and his DIY expertise.


It turned out better than I had envisioned, and it is now a space where we can just relax and shut out the world. The shiplap accent wall my husband added is the perfect backdrop for our farmhouse bed, which we purchased at Target.  Oh shiplap! I have been in love with shiplap before I even knew it was called shiplap! I remember wanting a “planked wall” ten years ago, and then when I started watching Fixer Upper I was floored to learn that Joanna also loved that look. I absolutely LOVE JoJo by the way (who doesn’t?)–she has been my biggest inspiration so far.



You can see what reading material I chose to set on my nightstand!

As far as bedding goes, I wanted something cozy and neutral. I chose Ikea’s grey and white ticking stripe duvet cover, and the pretty black and white floral quilt and shams from Wayfair.  I love mixing and matching bedding with different patterns yet similar colors–it gives so much visual interest. I also incorporated the khaki colored pillows with the tan cable knit throw at the foot of the bed to complete the neutral palette. The knit throw also adds a little coziness and texture to the bed.


I ordered that sweet sign above the bed from Smallwoods, a shop out of Texas that has a large variety of signs at very reasonable prices.  You can even customize your own, which I did with some lyrics from a country song I love.

I already had our vintage dresser for several years, and it fits in perfectly. I styled the top with a few antique finds and an old framed mirror that was originally painted but recently stripped down to its original beautiful wood patina. The natural wood contrasts beautifully with the creamy white paint.

I love stacking baskets both for visual interest and functional storage, and these ones look great next to the dresser. I find most of my baskets at local antique shops and stores like Marshalls and Home Goods. The lidded baskets are best for stacking.



This sweet old chair was an antique shop find.  I thought about painting it, but the look of the raw wood is just too beautiful. I love the intricate carvings and the all the spindles. Too cute!


I added the slipcovered chair, which used to be in our family room, to this small corner. It makes a great little reading nook. The old trunk at the foot of the bed was an antique show find, and it provides lots of storage for keepsakes. The chunky ivory jute rug I found at World Market adds texture and warms up the floor.


Well, there you have it–our farmhouse bedroom. Oh I almost forgot!  I found that sweet crystal chandelier here. I have always planned on hanging one in our bedroom, and it gives the space a romantic feel. The beaded ceiling medallion really makes the chandelier a stunning  focal point.

Well, thank you so much for reading my very first post! I hope you enjoyed it and found some decorating inspiration to use in your own home. I would love to hear from you–please share your thoughts and questions with me!  God bless–until next time!


28 thoughts on “My First Post–Our Farmhouse Master Bedroom

  1. Love, love, love your first blog post and your charming and beautiful master bedroom! All the different pieces, textures, colors perfectly come together in a stunning way.


  2. Just saw this on Pinterest and I’m in love! I’ve been wanting a new look for our bedroom and I am totally going to copy you. 😊 Where did you get the pillows and throw on the bed?


    1. Hi Jordan! So glad you love it! 😊 The little white throw pillows I purchased at Target a while back, and the khaki pillow covers came from Ikea. They came with a matching quilt called Alina. The floral shams came with the Laura Ashley set from Wayfair—the link is in the post. I ordered the throw from Amazon—it is the Batillo Inc. cable knit throw—not sure if they still have the tan color available. I hope this helps—thanks for the sweet comment! Hope you’ll be back!


    1. Thanks Britainy! The nightstands aren’t actually matching, but the one visible in my post was a hand me down from my grandparents a long time ago and I painted it white. I believe they found it at a local department store. You could probably find similar styles at Target, Home Goods, or Wayfair. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. LOVE this bedroom!! I have a white ship-lap accent wall as well and I’m currently trying to find that perfect gray color for the walls. What is the name of the color you used on your walls?? Thanks!!


    1. Thank you Jillian! This color is from Behr at Lowe’s and it’s called Natural. They actually don’t have carry this color anymore, so we had to have them just copy the formula from an old can we still had. It’s really more of a beige/khaki color than grey—kinda hard to see that in the picture! If I had to do it over again I probably would have chosen an off white with grey undertones because sometimes it can look a little “fleshy” when the light hits it just right. All in all though it’s a good neutral. Definitely take a look at Benjamin Moore paints—they have beautiful neutrals. Thanks for visiting my blog! 😊


    1. Hi Nina! Thank you—glad you like it! The coved/inset ceiling was already there when we purchased our home. I ordered the ceiling medallion from Lowe’s. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions and thanks for visiting my blog!


  4. Hi Alicia

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I have been blogging for 7 and half years now and it’s always refreshing to find new bloggers who love the same things you do. I absolutely love your bed and it’s just what I’m looking for only Target in Australia don’t stock furniture any more 🙁 but I have seen similar elsewhere. I also love your bedside lamps and would love to know where you got them from. I fell in love with country style decor about 20 years ago now though these days I tend to be more French country. Well I could talk all day but I won’t lol….. feel free to check out my blog and welcome to the blogging community, I’m glad you decided to start your blog and I look forward to many more posts xx Michelle


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Michelle! I know you can find our bed at other retailers as well—check Wayfair or Amazon. The bedside lamps I purchased from Pottery Barn. They are the Adair lamps. If you read my latest post you’ll learn that I’ll primarily be on Instagram for now. So happy you’re following me there—thank you! You’ll see a post from me nearly every day on Instagram. Thanks for your support—means the world to me!! 💕


      1. You’re welcome….. as a long time blogger I understand the draw of instagram and use it often across all my accounts and I’ve struggled to liketo the balance between both platforms but I do love blogging even though it’s a little more time consuming….. I’ve just tagged you in a post on ig this morning so I hope you’ll follow back and we can support each other in this great community…🤗💖


      2. Yes, time is the main issue right now—I just don’t have time for both! I just feel like Instagram is a good fit for my life right now and more interactive. Take care and thanks again! See you on Instagram! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting, although I haven’t been hanging out here. I am primarily on Instagram, and I would love for you to follow my home decor journey there!
      I purchased my cotton sheets from Costco and the bed skirt is from Bed Bath & Beyond. 😊


  5. I’m in love with this room! I’m using it as my guest room inspiration 😍 Can you tell me what size width you used for your shiplap wall? Is it 7”? Thanks!


    1. Hi! Thanks so much! Sorry for the delayed response—I haven’t been checking in with my blog much, as I have decided to focus on my Instagram account. Hope you’ll follow me there at simplelifefarmhouse, where I post nearly every day. The shiplap we used is 6” wide. So glad you have found some inspiration in our bedroom—have fun creating your own cozy space!


  6. I just recently saw your bedroom pictured on Pinterest- I am making some changes to our bedroom- I just purchased a bed like yours & then saw the pic & really like the bedside lamps- I read where you said they are the Adair lamp at Pottery Barn- I’ve checked online & only see the floor lamp option- It’s saying that the table lamp is no longer available- how long ago did you purchase the lamps? Did you purchase them in a Pottery Barn in your area? If so, do you know if they still have the table lamp in stock? Thank you, in advance, for your time & help with this.


    1. Hi!! I purchased those lamps about four years ago—I’m surprised they don’t sell the table lamp anymore! Check Wayfair or Amazon, I bet you could find something similar. Good luck in your search!


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