Our Tiny Laundry Room

Hey there! It’s been a couple weeks since my last post. Life’s been a little crazy lately, as we have been completing some outdoor projects and getting the kids ready to go back to school. I plan on posting more frequently once we are all back on a schedule again. By the end of summer, I am really ready to get back into a regular routine and begin looking forward to fall–and, of course, all the fun decorating that comes with that season!

Today I thought I would share our tiny laundry room. Yes, our laundry room is very tiny–I am sure most closets are bigger. The small rooms in our homes can often get ignored as far as decor goes, but with a little creativity and reconfiguring, those little nooks can become some of our favorite spaces. It is especially important to give some extra TLC to those spaces where some of the most mundane chores are done–like our laundry rooms. Those repetitive tasks become a bit more bearable when you get to complete them in a space you love.

Well, let’s get right to it! Here is our little laundry room nook where I spend lots of time!


When we started this makeover, we knew we were going to have to maximize as much space as possible. There was absolutely no room on the floor to store hampers or baskets. We decided to install a butcher block countertop from Ikea on top of our washer and dryer, and store the laundry baskets there. The countertop came unfinished, so we simply covered it with a walnut colored stain and sealed it with polyurethane. We love the way it turned out!

I searched long and hard for the right baskets, both in stores and online. I wanted something roomy and durable with a vintage look. When I came across these cuties from the Steele Basket Co., I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. These super durable canvas baskets are made to order in the USA with the finest materials. There are a variety of sizes and trim colors to choose from, and they look great in any farmhouse laundry room. After taking measurements on my countertop, I found that three of the 2 BU (bushel) sized baskets would fit perfectly, and give us lots of room to store our clothes.


My husband built shelving above the baskets to house supplies and vintage laundry decor. We used decorative corbels to support the shelving and add some extra charm to the space. I found these baskets at Pier 1, and they are the perfect size to hold all my cleaners and cleaning supplies. I love that they come with little chalkboards on the outside to label the basket’s contents. Vintage locker baskets are also a great storage solution, and will give any farmhouse laundry room some industrial flair. I happened to have one that I found at an antique shop a while back and decided to use it to store my old cleaning rags.




The best part of this makeover was adding all the fun decor and accessories. Old vintage washboards and antique irons make great farmhouse laundry decor, and can easily be found at local antique stores or on Etsy. You can even find lots of new, vintage style laundry decor and storage containers at stores like World Market. Glass canisters are a practical and decorative storage solution for detergents.



I think my favorite part of our laundry room decor is the wall art I added. I didn’t have much wall space, but wanted to add a little something that would have a big visual impact. I made the humorous “Laundry” sign myself with a stencil that I cut out on my Silhouette machine and painted it on an old piece of wood I already had. I love this piece so much, and it’s the first thing I always notice when I walk into our little laundry room.  On the wall opposite of the “Laundry” sign I hung these three adorable prints from Lettered and Lined. Lettered and Lined is an online shop with huge selection of vintage prints for your laundry room and other rooms in your home. Definitely check out this shop!


You might be wondering, “How does she reach all the cleaners and supplies?” That’s where this trusty little step stool comes in! I found this cute little step stool at Home Goods, and I am able to reach everything I need. I simply store it against the wall when I’m not using it.

For the floors, my husband installed classic vintage hexagon tiles. I am in love with this tile, as it never goes out of style. It always looks right at home in farmhouse bathrooms and laundry rooms–you just can’t go wrong with it! This jute rug from World Market accents the hex tiles perfectly.


For lighting, I chose this sweet schoolhouse light fixture. Schoolhouse lights are like hex tile–timeless! I love how this fixture looks in this room–it is definitely “the cherry on top.” I purchased our schoolhouse light here.

Well, that’s our little laundry room. I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration and ideas to help you in decorating your laundry room. As always, I love your comments and questions! Take care and we’ll meet again soon!


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