A Fall Market Weekend

Just a quick post this evening!

This weekend has been a BIG weekend for fall antique/home decor and craft markets I think just about everywhere!! I hope you all got out to enjoy some of the fun and pick up a few new old items for your home!

Our big fall market is called Country Chicks and is held at our local fairgrounds. It seems to get bigger every year! Anyway, I went yesterday and had a wonderful time taking in all the vintage country goodness! I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but these sweet things spoke to me so I had to bring them home.


Anyone else a lover of old lidded baskets? I saw this beauty and had to buy her! I also brought home a vintage, rusty lunch pail, a sweet old wooden frame, and a vintage baseball book.


I just love old books! And I love even more that this is a baseball book, as I can use it in my son’s future bedroom makeover. That’s all for tonight—just wanted to share these cute goodies and encourage you to get out to the fall markets in your neck of the woods! Have a peaceful Sunday evening!

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